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>> Our ambition

"You’ll get more than you expect."

projektraum takes staffing services literally: Our staff is here to serve you. We dedicate the experience we’ve gained in over ten years and our naturally evolved competence entirely to serving you. We do so enthusiastically and passionately, as we aim to be living examples of the sort of service we – and you – expect from our staff.
Right from the initial contact, our job is to advise you comprehensively and support you with a personal touch. We strive to provide you with staffing personnel that perfectly match your requirements both on a professional and on a human level.

Keep in mind that projektraum is far more than a staffing service provider for trade fairs, fashion shows, promotional campaigns and other events across Germany: Upon request we’ll develop or enhance the stand concepts, catering arrangements and supporting programme of your trade fair appearance. We’ll organize and choreograph your fashion shows. We’ll design and run your promotional tours anywhere in Germany. We’ll develop entire event concepts from scratch for you or supplement your existing ones.

>> Our experience

"We know what makes you and your target audience happy."

The people sitting at our back office have years of experience walking the floor at trade fairs, promotions or events. That’s as true for owner Eva Haub as it is for anyone here who you’ll be telephoning or e-mailing. Our personal experiences in dealing directly with customers and the people they’re trying to reach make us invaluable: We’re masters at accurately capturing your desires and figuring out who will be best suited to fulfil them.

>> Our staff

"Our staff will represent you in a magnificent way."

Nothing is more effective than direct human/personal contact. That’s why our staff carries great responsibility for their appearance and why we go through such great lengths in selecting and training the people we place. We continuously maintain and carefully expand our large pool of staffers. Anyone who’s fit to qualify for inclusion in our staffing database is predestined to meet your requirements: Basic requirements include a friendly and refreshing demeanour at all times and an ability to handle stressful situations with ease.

Other essential criteria include naturally evolved social competency, highly developed team-working skills and confidence in dealing with culturally diverse people.

At the same time, we offer personnel with a wide variety of special qualifications for specific tasks – from the organisational competency required for a lead hostess at a trade fair or a leader of a promotional team to excellent language skills beyond German and English, experience in food service and bartending, and even unusual professional skills.

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